Bishop Dr. Louis H. Jackson

Bishop Dr. Louis H. Jackson, Founder

In 1960 after moving from Arkansas to Chicago, Brother Louis Howard Jackson served faithfully at Bethlehem Healing Temple and sat under the Apostolic teachings of the late Bishop Charles E. Poole and Evangelist Mattie Poole. It was there that he was baptized in Jesus’ name and received the Holy Ghost. There he also met and married his faithful wife, Evangelist Mildred Jackson in 1975.

In 1974, Brother Louis Jackson, in continuing on the journey, became a minister of the Gospel. Three years later, in 1977, Bishop Poole, seeing the leadership qualities in Elder Jackson, presented him a daunting challenge. The church in Atlanta needed shepherd and as Moses was sent to Egypt, so Elder Jackson was sent to Atlanta, Georgia.

So began the endurance test for the new pastor and his family at Bethlehem Healing Temple Church, Inc as it was called then. Elder Louis Jackson was a determined leader who labored with his hands and labored spiritually to rebuild the congregation. It was not always easy. Yet he persisted. Resources were meager and support from the congregation at times questionable. In spite of many obstacles, with the help of God the church continues to slowly strengthen. Later the name of the church was changes to the Atlanta Healing Temple Church, Inc.

His ministry took on another dimension as he began to travel and encourage other pastors and ministers. He worked tirelessly and achieved another milestone when he was appointed District Elder.After the death of Bishop Poole, District Elder Jackson was ordained Bishop under the auspices of the Fellowship Alliance of the Apostolic Faith. He served alongside its founder, the late Bishop Luther C. Anderson of Savannah, Georgia. Moving further in the journey, Bishop Jackson accepted the role of helping to build a new Apostolic fellowship, Help Hand Churches, Inc. Founded by his brother, Presiding Bishop Scottie Jackson, Bishop Louis Jackson served as Assistant Presiding Bishop for over 10 years.

On October 19, 2008, Bishop Jackson led the congregation into the church’s current location on Holcomb Avenue in East Point. And the name of the church was changed to Greater Atlanta Healing Temple.

On November 14, 2016 God saw fit to call our beloved Bishop Jackson home to his rest and District Elder Allen J. Smith became our new pastor. After serving several year by Bishop Jackson’s side, Pastor Smith is boldly leading GAHT towards our future, carrying the legacy of our Founder Bishop Jackson forward by the leading of the Holy Spirit.